Specialized. Determined. Sophisticated.

Buying a home is an investment and it requires the same careful consideration you would give to buying stocks or other investments. Learning the process, from how market value is determined to what to expect during the home inspection and how to shop for a mortgage, is critical to your success.

When you’re searching for Albany, Schenectady, Troy, Niskayuna, Colonie, Clifton Park, Saratoga or other Capital Region real estate, the process can be challenging to say the least. You may not be familiar with the particular area that you’re interested in, you might be concerned about pricing, market fluctuations and more. Kyle addresses all your concerns and guides you through the process so that you make the best homebuying decision possible. With his knowledge of Capital Region real estate, he will help you find some of the best prices if you’re looking for affordable homes. Or, if you are planning on purchasing an upscale home in the Capital District and surrounding communities, Kyle will find multiple options with the features you want.

When Kyle represents you, he makes the home buying process easier for his clients. With him in their corner, home buyers can rest assured that they won't be hustled by an aggressive, commission-motivated seller's agent. What makes this even more enticing for the home-buyer, Kyle's compensation, for performing your services, is a fractional split of the seller's agent's commission. Simply put, his professional services do not cost you, the buyer, a penny.

Kyle's business acumen is unrivaled and, lest you think that fresh face is too young to handle the heat of a protracted real estate transaction, the man is positively relentless when it comes to negotiating in his clients' best interests. There's always a great sigh of relief at the closing table and Kyle is just as satisfied as his clients when he's helped them reach their goals.

As your buyer's agent, Kyle will work with you to understand your specific circumstances, needs and financial situation. Prior to making an offer on a chosen property, he will have a detailed negotiation and deal-structuring discussion with you. Unlike the "wing-it" method other agents employ, Kyle knows that a winning strategy begins with a prepared and knowledgeable client.

Another part of the strategy is anticipating the seller's reactions, and planning how to deal with them. This is particularly helpful with counter-offers and in multiple-offer situations.

Kyle is the quintessential listener. You'll not need to tell him repeatedly about what you hope to achieve during the purchase of a home. He won't waste your time showing you homes that don't fit your criteria. Tell him once and he gets it.

Finally, Kyle is responsive. Need to speak with him? If you should happen to get his voicemail when you call, rest assured that you will receive a call back as soon as possible. Time is of the essence during a home purchase and Kyle understands this.